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Welcome to Autokoulu Eco in Espoo Kivenlahti!
Meriusva 1, 02320 ESPOO, Kivenlahti. Call 050 5525198
Office is open Monday - Thursday from 10am - 5pm and Friday from 10am - 4pm.
Phone 050 5525198 Check from Map join a course - WebAuto

B -Passenger car course include always EAS theory lessons for new driver in English, Risk awareness course program, training material in internet and also use of the car in first driving test. You can check below different course packets and when you start the driving school you can choose suitable course for you.
Most cheap driving training course. Include all mandatory lessons and trainings. Course include 14 driving lessons and most of the lessons are with simulator.

ECO-BASIC is affordable driving training course and most of lessons are with a car. Course include 16 driving lessons and also in evenings.

ECO-premium 1559€ CHECK MORE
ECO-PREMIUM is good way to learn driving skills. Course include 24 driving lessons and also theory lessons for passenger car.

When I can start driving school?
In Finland you can get a B license to drive a passenger car when you are 18 years old. But you can start driving training when you are 16 years old. With a special permission it is possible to get the license to drive already when you are 17 years old.
You need to have a permanent residence in Finland to get the driving license. And also you need Finnish social security number.

How many driving lessons I need?
How many lessons need to get the license vary for everyone. How much have experince of cars or driving also matters. Often students need 20 - 40 driving lessons to pass the driving test. But in Autokoulu Eco we have had students who pass the driving test with 14 minimum lessons. We have very low prices for extra lessons. Please, listen to your driving instructor, if he advice to have more training before the driving test. Normally people in Finland who pass the 1st test have had about 35 driving lessons*.
*Info from Ajovarma test place and include training in driving school and in home education.

Should I do slippery training with a car or simulator?
In Finland we have quite hard driving conditions. Driving training simulator give good basic info to drive on slippery, but you can get more on a slippery track. Before 2018 it was mandatory to have 3 driving lessons on a slippery track for all new drivers.
Slippery training with simulator include to course fee or with extra fee you can do slippery training in UAR slippery track.

How long does it take to get the driving license?
Unfortunately, we can't give good answer to this question. Earlier law did order minimum time 1 month, but today there is no minimum time to study for driving. Practically it is possible to get the license in less than one month. But normally people need at least 2 - 3 months time and you can affect to training time by your self. You must do self-study material and pass the training theory test in internet.

Can I start driving lessons some other place than driving school?
Yes you can. If you choose ECO-PREMIUM -course you can also start lesson from, Espoonlahti, Saunalahti, Kirkkonummi Masala and also Kauklahti. ECO-LITE S and ECO-BASIC -course you can buy the service for +4€/lesson. When you book the lesson tell to you teacher where you want to start. Other than these places startin the lesson is +8€/lesson.

What I need to do before I start the driving school?
Before you start, you don't need to do anything. There is not much burocracy to get the driving license in Finland. In driving school we make license application ready for you and only we need passport photo (2 similar), if you don't have digital photos in Finland ID card. When you start the driving school we need to see your ID card or passport. You can check medical info from here.

Welcome to Autokoulu Eco in Espoo Kivenlahti!
Meriusva 1, 02320 ESPOO, Kivenlahti. Call 050 5525198
Office is open Monday - Thursday from 10am - 5pm and Friday from 10am - 4pm.
Phone 050 5525198 Check from Map join a course - WebAuto

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