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Advanced phase 249

Training phase program for a experienced driver - Risk awareness course
harjoitteluvaiheen jatkokoulutus. syventävä vaihe. riskien tunnistuskoulutus

If you have pass the driving test before 1st of July 2018, you have 2 years time to do training phase program (HSV / Advanced phase / Risk awareness course). Check from your driving license the day you did get your license. If your driving permission is expired, you can still do the training but you should not drive in traffic before you have get driving permission back. Advanced phase in Autokoulu Eco improve your skills as a driver in traffic. You will learn to be even better driver.

You can do slippery training with a car or with simulator.

Advanced phase include:

  • Theory lessons
    Course have 4 theory lessons and you can do all lessons in driving school in one evening or in internet virtual class. Subjects are for example risks in traffic, risk caused by driver, driving in difficult conditions, safety devices in cars and ecologic driving style. Ask more details from driving school.
  • Driving evaluation with a car
    Driving instructor evaluate your driving and give feedback how you can improve your driving. So you can be even better driver than you are now. When you join a course, please tell us if want to use a car with automatic transsmission. If you do the Advanced training with automatic car it won´t change your driving license.
  • Slippery training
    In Autokoulu Eco we use DEGENER 360° -simulator for slippery training. Unlike most of simulators, you can also use virtual VR-glasses. Or you can drive with out VR -glasses. We use UAR slippery training tracks in Vihti and Vantaa. Slippery training on slippery track is normally with driving school car.


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    You can also drive the Driving evaluation with automatic transmission car.

    harjoitteluvaihe syventävä vaihe

    Price list:
    Driving school training include VAT tax.

  • Advanced phase - with simulator = 249,00€
    Include 4 theory lessons, driving evaluation with a car and slippery training + risk program in simulator.

  • Advanced phase - on slippery track = 340,00€ + slippery track fee 80,00€

    Include 4 theory lessons, driving evaluation and slippery training with a car.

  • Driving in darkness training with simulator in Advanced phase, if you have not certificate for driving in darkness = 50,00€ (norm. 100,00€)

    Resurs Bank - Autokoulutili. Resurs Bank offer 30 - 60 days time to pay with out interest or any extra fee.

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