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Exchange your driving license

We can help you to get a license to drive in Finland

In a case when you need to do the driving examination, you can rent a driving school car from Autokoulu Eco. It is possible to do the driving test in Espoo, Vantaa, Helsinki, Järvenpää and Lohja test places.

Often you must do the Risk awreness -course before you can do the driving test. Course include 4 theory lessons, driving evaluation and driving training in darkness and slippery.

You can also buy some driving lessons that help you to pass the test already in first time. We have -training program for studying to pass the theory test. It does also include an e-book. You can buy real Driving school book.

Some facts

In order to get exchange without the driving examination, you must exchange your driving licence within two years of becoming permanent resident in Finland and before your Contracting State licence expires.

You may drive in Finland on the basis of a licence issued in an EU or EEA Member State, for as long as the licence is valid.

Price list:
Driving school training include VAT tax.

  • EXCHANGE LICENSE -PACKET = 299,00€ (norm. 328,90)
    3 driving lessons, -training program (include book / 12months training) and use of the driving school car in 1st driving exam
    + test and driving license 167,00€ for Traficom/Ajovarma Oy TOTAL = 466,00€

    Call to driving school 050 5525198 or send email:

  • Driving lesson with car (training time is about 50min.) = 69,00€
  • Driving lesson with simulator (training time is about 50min.) = 39,00€
  • ECO-OPTIMUS6 (include 6 driving lessons) = 360,00€

  • Risk awareness course = 299,00€

  • Use of the car in driving exam:
    - With out driving lesson before the test in Espoo = 110,00€
    - With one driving lesson before the test in Espoo, Vantaa or Helsinki = 170,00€
    - With one driving lesson before the test in Lohja or Järvenpää = 190,00€

  • SAKL Driving school Book in English = 29,90€
  • -training program (12 months training) = 15,90€

    nettikauppa - Buy from web

    Resurs Bank - Autokoulutili. Resurs Bank offer 30 - 60 days time to pay with out interest or any extra fee.

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